Sunday, 1 March 2009

Life begins......

Ugandan-style birthday cake (lots of icing)!

I hit the BIG 40 (it's hard to believe I know!) at the end of last week, so I'm eagerly waiting to see if the 'life begins' addage is true (watch this space)! Though it was pointed out to me that if it is in fact true, then why do we have to put up with the all the rubbish of the first 39 years! (thanks Ian!)

I celebrated in Kampala with all the new VSOers -Stephen, one of the new arrivals also had his birthday last week. We went for a fantastic meal at a lovely Indian restaurant in Kampala, called Khana Kazana. The VSO Progamme Office had kindly organised a cake and cards for the two of us.
Some of the new VSOers

Cutting the cake with Stephen

The power has been off for 3 days now, though it did briefly come on for about 40 minutes earlier this evening - this is the longest it's been off since I arrived. There's also been quite a bit of rain over the last few days - I think the rainy season has arrived!

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